Mt Wellington Cableway & Pinnacle Centre
A new private enterprise in Tasmania is proposing to offer a choice of access and facilities for Mt Wellington.

The eco-tourism development would be entirely funded by the private sector and no changes are sought to alter current forms of access.

A previous survey in 2009 which telephoned 1000 random local households showed clear preference for a visitor centre & cafe at the Pinnacle, (64%) instead of the Springs (23%)

This proposal would increase visitor demand to the pinnacle and therfore includes an alternative, (not a replacement) form of transport to the pinnacle to avoid expansion of carparking at the pinnacle and reduce traffic volume on Pinnacle Road.

An aerial cableway has been identified as the cleanest, safest and most reliable form of alternative transport which doesnt affect the existing road corridor.

The proposals route is yet to be determined however options exist in South Hobart, West Hobart or Lenah Valley. A Pinnacle centre could be located below and either to the left, right or replacing the existing observation shelter.

The pinnacle centre would aim to be unnoticeable from the existing carpark and include public access for all to warm viewing rooms, toilets and interpretation space, as well as a choice of food and beverage offerings. A bushwalkers registration booth and park rangers office could also be included.

Your opinion and values are sought prior to a formal proposal.